When I was a kid the legendary Vegas performers such as Louis Armstrong, Pearl Bailey, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, Steve & Eddie etc were still performing on the TV Variety shows! That means although I was actually never in the audience during the 50’s/60’s hey day of the showrooms, I certainly fell in love with the style and the power of those musical personalities. 
When we were thinking about a video for the “Welcome To The Club” single I wanted to recreate the 60’s Variety TV show experience ...but how to pull that off? 

Releasing Vegas Breeze at the beginning of the Pandemic had meant cancelling a fully booked tour and performing a 14 date “Cross Canada” virtual tour from the living room! One of our favourite “virtual venues” was The Aeolian Hall in London Ontario and so we were pleased to be invited back to perform a Livestream with full band from the stage of historic venue during the summer of 2021! Thanks to the excellent team at The Aeolian we felt the footage was strong enough to offer to the public as a video, and working with my director Carlos Coronado we went about re-creating an old fashioned 60’s TV look for the final product!

And then theres the band! I am so humble and proud to be sharing stage with such fine musicians as Michael Shand( Keys), Russ Boswell (bass) & Amhed Mitchel (drums)

Hope you Enjoy it!