The Making Of The "Harlem Moon" Video

"The Idea"

Cowriter JP Saxe and I had initially conceived of the song as a ballad but once my trio (Russ Boswell and Daniel Barnes and Michael Shand) began working on the arrangement we developed a more intense voodoo groove, (starting with Russ's baseline!) and we ended up with a final version more in keeping with the lyrical content about jealousy and following one's love.
  Our video producer Leonardo Del'Anno brought director Dean Vargas to the project and we sat together to work out the ways in which we were going to portray the kind of "stylish but creepy" vibe of the lyric.
There was a collective "aha" moment when we realized that if I was stalking a couple and the viewer isn't sure which of them or perhaps if both of them are my lover it would make for an intriguing plot line that would pull folks into the modern film noir approach of our little drama.

"The Shoot"
Casting the amazing folks who leant their talents to this little drama was easy, but working around their busy schedules was key as the main couple were both were in the middle of TV and Film shoots and our "guest bartender" Ori Dagan is one of the busiest Jazz vocalists around!
Shooting in no less than 8 locations over two days meant for a very quick schedule but as you can see by the finished product there was a lot of love and care to get the details right.
Our first shoot day was at The Jazz Bistro in downtown Toronto standing in for a sophisticated New York club for the band sequence, along with sequences in their beautiful upstairs lounge. We also shot in my old stomping ground The Cameron Tavern on Queen Street for contrast and the vibe of both establishments really lends a great deal to our storyline.
The park sequence at the end was really fun to shoot and although it's Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto standing in for Central Park I think you will agree it feels like we're in The Big Apple where the song is set. Our deepest thanks to the cast and crew and all the folk who made this little piece of film such a joy to work on and create! Enjoy!

Watch the Video Here.                                                                                                                                  

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