This is it folks! May 5th we release "New York Stories" worldwide! We couldn't have made this CD without your participation. The audiences told us which songs were strongest, the audience helped fund the project and now if youpre-order the digital version before May 5th from you will help our chances of reaching #1 on the charts! Our thanks in advance!
Of course we will have preview copies for sale May 3rd at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto when we present "New York Stories" live with special guests including the wonderful Ms. Jackie Richardson. I will be on hand to sign copies of course so don't delay, make sure you get your seat before this concert sells out at !
This couldn't have happened without the generous support of the folks who helped fund this project through our Indiegogo campaign. This is a chance for me to publicly thank each and every one of these good folks:  Nan Friedman, Judith Hanley, Anna C Korteweg, Christine Tier, David Warrack, Salah Bachir, Aaron Hastelow, Patricia L Tyrell, Party Barbara,  Lilly Barnes,  Barbara Saxberg, Joeanne Argue, Shannon Butcher, Charlotte M Moore,Patricia Cano, Sarah A Shippobotham, Glenn W Sevillo, Briane Nasimok,   Robert Ault,  Amanda Rushton,  Sharon Weintraub, John M Rankine, Anne Marie Smith,   Saskia Van Tetering, William Humenick, Marisa mcIntyre, Donita Large, Maureen E Gillies, David Gale, Laurie Lynd, Debra S Lary, Joanna Reynolds, Jennifer Sincero, Joseph Lewis, Renee Bouthot, Stewart G Arnott, Alida Kinnie Starr, Peter Dunn, Dorian Foley, Paula Griffith,Chris Jason Jones, Jeremy Podeswa,  Paul V. Melissa Shriner, James Devins, Nella den Hollander, Sara Farb,   Corrine Koslo, Melodee McPherson, Edna King, Thomas Rasky, Rochelle A Fabb, Richard M Sacks, Amanda Smith, Kristina Nojd,Lynne Fernie, Holmes Hooke, Renata Janiszewski, Colman Jones, Marianne Girard, Allegra Fulton, Ruth Ashton, Mark Zubeck, Michelle St John, Vera Bourne, Mercedes Moffatt, Carolyn Govers, Liza Balkan, Nicole Salter, Martin Julien, Ellen T Cole, Nurit Smith, Mathew Handscombe, Stephanie Clarke, Glenn A Walker, Lynda Covello, David Antoniuk, Meghan LeBlanc, Daniel Barnes, Sandra Farrauto, Jenny Wright, Adam Brazier, Robert M Saxe, Mark Cassius, Kyle Golemba, Sara Botsford, Bruce Dean, Rose Stewart, Tim Falconer, Amy Jewell, Michel Neray,   Sam Broverman, Maria Dell'Anno, Elaine Gold, Lenny Dellanno, Kathrine O "Hara, Karen LeBlanc, Marvyn Morrison, Catharine Saxberg, Catherine Thompson, Colin Brown, Elaine Huras and Komiko Honjo!
Our Thanks to each and every one of you. This is YOUR New York Story now!


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