Romance in New York City 

Long walks through Central Park in the cool crisp air of autumn with the leaves changing colours.  

The magic of a wintery day with whole city slowed down by the snow.   

Springtime with the possibility of new romance bursting all around us.  

A delicious meal outdoors in summertime at a little cafe, feeling intimate and cozy in the midst of a busy avenue. 

What is it about New York that makes everything feel so damn romantic!?  

Foremost its a city that demands the most of ourselves, in business, in love, and in our reaching for the good things in life. 

The building are tall, and likewise our expectations, which stretch towards the sky with a belief in the impossible! 

Made for peek experiences, New York is all about the new adventure waiting to happen.  

The unexpected meeting, the chance encounters that changes everything.  No wonder our heads swim with possibilities! 

 Anything can happen in New York. That tiny island holds so much life and so much energy,
of course it allows for the biggest possible dreams and the craziest kind of magic. 

 It's that heady feeling of new romance that inspired me to compose the songs that make up "New York Stories".  

"Come take my hand and we'll stroll through the park, far from the noise and the crowd….."


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