The Making Of Harlem Moon (part 2)

Casting the special guest stars for our little film noir video of the new single "Harlem Moon" was actually a little too easy. We all felt that the couple I am "stalking" in our story had to be so striking that even if we didn't really get to see their faces we could tell they were both attractive enough to drive yours truly out of my mind and out into the night!
Our amazing keyboard man Michael Shand just happens to be partnered by a wonderful lady as talented as she is gorgeous, the Canadian actress and singer Miku Graham.  Although we know each other, Miku and I had never worked together until we shared a stage at World Pride 2014 opening the show for kd Lang. Working with her then I realized she was the perfect choice for our female lead.
However Miku is one popular girl, besides all her singing gigs she's also a busy actress and was up in Sudbury filming a movie the same week we were in production for "Harlem Moon".  We weren't sure she could make it back in time for our multi location shoot day. But being a real trooper, Miku travelled back to Toronto after shooting all night long on the movie and jumped in a cab to Queen Street West just in time to shoot the sequence where I follow her into my old stomping ground The Cameron House. 
Miku was the of epitome of grace and professionalism throughout even after having had a gruelling week filming up north. We both hated having to shoot the "argument" scene at my Queen Street West Apt which opens our video, but  the mood changed when we headed to Trinity Bellwoods park to shoot the closing sequence and the whole crew got to enjoy both how perfect Miku and our male lead Thom Allison looked as a couple and what a blast they had working with each other The fact that they make perhaps the most stunning couple in the world certainly adds to the drama and jealousy factor of our little story. 
For those of you who have yet to see the video you can view it here:

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